Missing Person

Necessary Information/Document

Each year a good number of people including children are reported missing in our district keeping their family and friends in agony. Our Missing Persons Unit is here to help you to trace out your loved ones.

When you go to a police station to file a missing person report, it will help us, if you bring along with you the following information/document:

  • A recent photograph of the missing person.
  • A list of the names, addresses and phone numbers of friends and associates.
  • Likely destinations e.g. Favourite places, work locations or places with past connections.
  • Any medical requirements or medications they need.
  • A full description of the missing person including age, religion, complexion, height, weight, nose, teeth, colour of eyes and hair, deformities/special identity, apparel worn, language spoken, habits.
  • Date and time since when the person is missing and the place he was last seen.

Track Missing Child

You are requested to visit Missing Children site to obtain the detail of a missing child.

Register Missing Person

You may also visit the Police Sohaiyota site and register your missing report simultaneously without delay to search him/her in other districts

On the other hand, if you have information about any missing person, then please contact your nearest Police Station to hand him/her over to his/her family safely.

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