Gaigata PS

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Officer in-Charge

SI Balay Ghosh



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Other Officers

Sujit Roy


Gobinda Murmu


Kajal Das


Balay Ghosh


Biswajit Das


Sudipta Kr. Das


Goutam Mondal


Prakash Chandra Hazra


Bhaba Sankar Dey


Gopal Ch. Das


Biplab Gangopadhyay


Golam Dastagir


Swapan Kumar Paul


Jurisdiction of Gaigata PS


About Gaigata PS

Gaighata PS and Block have the same administrative jurisdiction over an area of 243.30 km2. As per 2011 Census, Gaighata PS/Block had a total population of 330,287, of which 265,526 were rural and 64,761 were urban. There were 169,216 (51%) males and 161,071 (49%) females. Scheduled Castes numbered 162,281 (49.13%) and Scheduled Tribes numbered 14,432 (1.76%). It is believed after the discovery of ruins of some Buddhist Temples/Stupa (mond) in Shibpota, Bhogpota and Mangalpota , that the region was a bastion of ancient Buddhist religion. The area between River Jamuna and River Chalundia was known as Kushdwip which was under the reign of one Raghab Siddhantabagis, a brahmin feudal lord. In 1580-83, the Mughals annexed his domain and he was awarded title Choudhury by Mughals. After indepence in 1947, a major section of Hindu community, particularly of Matua sect , migrated to Bengal and settled at Gaighata PS area. That place was renamed as Thakurnagar after Shri Harichand Thakur , who formed the Matua sect of Hinduism. Dinabandhu Mitra , the writer of Neeldarpan is associated with Gaighata. His anchestral house was located at village Gaipur under Gaighat though he born at Chauberia under Goplnagar PS. Gaighata is also associated with Binoy Chakraborty, Sahitya Academy Award winner of 2005, who settled at village Shimulpur under Gaighata PS after independence.

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